The MS Readathon ♥

Proud Ambassador to the MS Readathon

I have participated in seven MS Readathons and it has been an honour to have been an Ambassador for the past three years.

It feels satisfying putting my passion for books towards something useful. Through sponsorship, I can help the lives of almost 24,000 Australians suffering from Multiple Sclerosis.

The MS Readathon has not only sharpened my reading skills but also increased my awareness of the condition. This is a disease that happens in the central nervous system. Sclerosis means ‘scar’ or ‘hardened tissue’ and multiple is used because the damage usually happens in many places along the nerves. We do not know the cause and there is no cure.

In 2015 I was honoured to become an MS Readathon Ambassador for the first time. It gave me the chance to visit schools and encourage kids to do the MS Readathon. I created this website so I could share my love of books with other 'tweens. I held a bookstall and worked hard to help raise money for MS. The MS Readathon is something I look forward to as much every year as I do reading every day

During the MS Readathon, I like to think about other children like me who are busy enjoying stories and doing something remarkable towards a common cause. Isn’t it great that everyone can participate, no matter what their reading level is or how much money they raise? They are probably having the same amount of fun as me!

Jazzy ♥♫♪

Join me in the 2017 MS Readthon

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My 2016 interview with Melinda James about the MS Readathon

This is my awesome interview about the MS Readathon with 97.3 ABC Illawarra Breakfast Presenter Melinda James.

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