31. May, 2015

Vile Villain Series - The Trunchbull

Just imagine: The door slams shut and you hear padlocks get fixed to the door. You are trembling all over… broken glass and nails surround you… why do you have to be in so much trouble from the headmistress? It’s not fair! All you can hear is the beating of your heart and the scrabbling of mice outside. Darkness…complete darkness…you wish this was all a dream. But you cannot move your hand to pinch yourself – if you did you would get badly cut. Why does it have to be… THE CHOKEY?

This punishment is owned by a terrifying, towering tyrant: a deliciously horrible ogre named Miss Agatha Trunchbull, the second of my Vile Villain blog series. She in the wonderfully creative book Matilda by Roald Dahl.

Known as “The Trunchbull”, she is the hideous headmistress of Crunchem Hall Primary School. She does unimaginable things to the children there. In fact, student Matilda believes her motto is to be outrageous and, ‘go the whole hog’.

The Trunchbull is a former Olympic hammer thrower which explains her muscly wrists, manly shoulders, bull-neck, not to mention massive thighs. With a cruel mouth and small, arrogant eyes she appears intimidating to the children.

The first time Matilda and her friend meet The Trunchbull is in the playground when she throws a girl named Amanda Thripp over the fence like a hammer in the Olympic Games.

Once at lunchtime, Bruce Bogtrotter steals cake from the kitchen and is seen by the cook, who tells The Trunchbull. He is punished in the strangest way – he has to eat a humongous cake baked by the cook! The whole school has to go to the hall and watch him eat it in one agonizing sitting.

Another boy called Julius Rottwinkle gets caught eating Liquorice Allsorts during scripture. The Trunchbull picks him up by one arm and flings him out of the window.

 “Nasty dirty things, little girls are. Glad I never was one,” says The Trunchbull. Well, I wonder if she was one, too!

Stay tuned for my next book review and an exciting announcement…

(Image: Illustrated and photographed by Quentin Blake)