8. Jun, 2015


This week, I have a very important announcement to make: the MS Readathon registrations have opened. How exciting!

By reading in the MS Readathon, you are helping the lives of almost 24,000 Australians suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, also known as ‘MS’. This is a disease that happens in the central nervous system. Sclerosis means ‘scar’ or ‘hardened tissue’ and Multiple is used because the damage usually happens in many places along the nerves. Scientists are researching for the unknown cause and cure. By getting sponsored by friends and family, these donations go towards research and assisting people suffering from MS.

During the MS Readathon, I like to think about other children like me who are busy enjoying stories and doing something remarkable towards a common cause. Isn’t it great that everyone can participate, no matter what their reading level is or how much money they raise? They are probably having the same amount of fun as me!

This year, the MS Readathon is going to be more fun than ever. There will be activities and competitions throughout the month of August and great prizes to keep you chugging along.

Registering is easy. All you need to do is enter some simple details on the MS Readathon website and you’re done. You can also register through your school. CLICK HERE to go to registration page for the 2015 MS Readathon.

2015 will be my fifth year participating in the MS Readathon and I am very proud to be their Ambassador. If you would like to sponsor me – CLICK HERE.

This week I am going to be interviewed in the 2015 MS Readathon video. A famous author named Deborah Abela is going to come to my school where I will be filmed. I have started reading one of her books called Grimsdon and it is about two friends, Isabella and Griffin. They survive a humongous ‘sneaker wave’ that left their city, Grimsdon in ruins. A teenage boy named Xavier introduces them to a super strange flying machine and great adventures await them…

Next week: Which Vile Villain cannot be named out of fear and battles a boy with a unique scar?