11. Jun, 2015

The day I met an author and got filmed for the MS Readathon

In my last blog, I mentioned that the 2015 MS Readathon promotional video was going to be filmed at my school. I got to meet Stephen from MS Australia, along with Joshua who was last year’s highest national fundraiser and Izabella who has raised over $2000 for Multiple Sclerosis in two years!

It was fantastic to be interviewed and I also got to meet Deborah Abela, a famous Australian author. And… I got to interview her! Deborah was really friendly, enthusiastic and determined. When she gave a talk to one of the classes, she spoke about how she thought she became an author.

Deborah talked about the time she was a “puny little seven-year-old”. She said she was standing alone in her backyard, not knowing what to do when an idea hit her – what if she climbed onto the GARAGE ROOF? So she climbed all the way up… and looked at the wonderful view. And then another idea hit her… what if she jumped as far as she could OFF the garage roof and landed in the pool? So she walked to the back of the roof and ran as fast as she could and jumped. Deborah did not spring much though and landed on the ground. An ambulance had to take her to hospital. That is why Deborah became an author, because she has always thought, ‘what if…’ and been a troublemaker.

Deborah also shared some story-writing tips, and told the class about some books she has written including the Max Remy Superspy series as well as one of my favourites, Grimsdon.

Stephen from MS Australia talked to the class about living with Multiple Sclerosis. He found out he had it as a teenager in high school. It all began when his eyes went blurry and he couldn’t concentrate on his school-work. Now, he lives with the feeling of pins and needles on his hands and feet. One morning, Stephen woke up and found he couldn’t walk. This lasted for more than two months. Stephen looks like any normal person, but lives in pain. That’s because some of the MS symptoms can be invisible.

CLICK HERE to see behind the scenes photos taken at my school during the making of the video.