21. Jun, 2015

Vile Villain Series - Voldemort

Conjuring unforgivable curses, murdering his own parents, trying to kill a baby wizard… Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter fantasy/adventure series by J.K Rowling is by far the worst villain I can think of.

As a child, Voldemort disliked his own name, Tom Marvelo Riddle, so he mixed up the letters to form “I am Lord Voldemort”. Many witches and wizards are so scared of the Dark Lord that they do not ever dare say his name; they call him either “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” or “You-Know-Who”.

Under his black robes, Voldemort is tall and thin with frightening snake-like features. He has hardly any nose, a pale, flat face and pitiless red eyes.

Voldemort has terrible double standards. He is a half-blood (half human and half magic) but only likes pure-bloods! Voldemort uses the Avada Kadabra curse to put several half-bloods’ lives to an end. He has hundreds of criminal witches and wizards called, “Death Eaters” on his side.

For many years, Harry believes his parents died from a car crash because that is what his horrible muggle (mortal) aunt and uncle tell him. But on his eleventh birthday, he finds out he is a wizard and the truth about his parents’ death.

When Harry was a baby, his parents were destroyed by Lord Voldemort. The last thing his mother did was put a protective spell on Harry. Voldemort tries to put a curse on him, but it rebounded off his head, leaving a scar. The curse landed back on Voldemort, reducing him into hardly anything at all, though he lived on.

In the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Voldemort discovers he can inhabit muggles as well as witches and wizards. He chooses Professor Quirrell, a teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His plan is to overpower student wizard Harry Potter because of a prophecy. Harry is stunned when he finds out the hard way that Voldemort is on the back of Quirrell’s head! The lunatic is obsessed with Harry for the entire Harry Potter book series.

Next week: Who puts a baby in a cage and forces her brother and sister to perform in play so he can steal their inheritance? Find out in my next blog…

(Image: Illustrated by Jonny Duddle from www.harrypotter.bloomsbury.com)