2. Jul, 2015

My interview with author Deborah Abela

You might remember my previous blog about The day I met an author and got filmed for the MS Readathon. Deborah Abela and I had just finished our interviews and the cameramen had left to take shots around the school library. Deb and I had the classroom all to ourselves when she said, “Hey Jazzy, why don’t you interview me for your website?” Yippee! The next thing I knew, I was scribbling down my questions about her book called, Grimsdon. We filmed our piece with Deb's iPhone.

Grimsdon is a futuristic adventure tale about five kids who survive a massive wave that casts their home city into ruins. Isabella, Griffin, Bea, Raffy and Fly face many terrors, such as a sea monster beyond their imaginations and evil bounty hunters who serve a pirate named, Captain Sneddon. Xavier, a teenage boy who interrupts their plans for escaping, brings an invention of his – an Aerotrope. It comes to good use. This book leaves an important message about the environment and how governments should take better care of the planet.

Without any further ado, enjoy our interview on my new YouTube channel. I would like to thank Deb and Todd for helping put together this clip.