27. Jul, 2015

Vile Villain Series - The Queen of Hearts

“Off with her head!”

There’s no guessing who said this – The Queen of Hearts, of course! Certainly one truly horrible being. And yes, she does threaten to take away the lives of folks she doesn’t like.

Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts is WAY more terrible than the Disney version of her. When Alice, the main character, falls down a rabbit hole, she is doomed to meet this shameful tyrant. When she hears of her, she is horrified at the rumours of her taking of heads.

All of the royal family in Wonderland are a deck of cards. Literally. That is why the Queen is named, ‘The Queen of Hearts’, because she is a playing card. The same goes with the rest of the royalty, including her own ten children. Things are very weird in Wonderland, don’t you think so?

The Queen of Hearts acts terribly to everyone she meets. Within a minute of greeting Alice, the Queen is screaming to take off her head. She is very hot-headed and short-tempered.

This hard-hearted ruler acts first and thinks later. In a trial, she says, “No, no – sentence first, verdict afterwards.” She uses live flamingos and hedgehogs as croquet gear and changes the rules in order to win. The Queen of Hearts is certainly a cruel, unthoughtful woman!

* * * * *

I would like to thank Figtree Heights Public School for being such a great audience for my presentation this week. I really enjoyed talking about both the MS Readathon and my website. There is still time to sign up for the 2015 MS Readathon. Please join me at www.msreadathon.org.au for a whole heap of fun for a good cause.

Next week: Who takes an only possession off a child with fiery red hair and owns a “Home for Mislaid Children”? Find out in my next blog.

(Image: by John Tenniel from fineartamerica.com)