9. Aug, 2015

An Obsessed Book Quest

The MS Readathon is underway! I have already read two books. It is excellent that my little brother, Taj, is reading along with me for the first time. He has chosen to read a book a day on top of his school “home reading”.

What’s your favourite book? Mine is Skulduggery Pleasant book six: Death Bringer. But where do you find more novels you like? Translation: Where do you find a good book?

Starting off with the basics, you can try a local bookshop. It will always have the latest releases, along with the classics.

Make the most of your school library. That is where many fantastic books are… and that’s how I found out about Rick Riordan and many other famous authors.

Next stop: A public library. Sometimes libraries hold sales, so you can buy the books as well as read them.

You could always attempt a second-hand bookshop. I recently stumbled across one in Kiama and the man serving was so helpful. I left with a great book, a great feeling and a great bargain.

Try a preloved bookstall. I held one at my school to raise money for the MS Readathon and it was a terrific success! You might find a preloved bookstall at a fete or at the local markets.

Sometimes you don’t find a book, but a book finds you. For example, lately children’s author Tristan Bancks visited my school, and I decided to check out one of his books, Two Wolves. It is my third book for the MS Readathon and is a good read.

You could swap books with friends. Books make great gifts, too. I gave a friend one of my favourite books, Emily Rodda’s Finders Keepers for her birthday. Putting “books please” on your birthday wish list could be the key to finding something unexpected.

If you need some reading inspiration, please check out my Diamond Dozen and drop into my Book Reviews.

To add to the fun of the MS Readathon, the Ultimate Story Competition has also begun. The first chapter has been revealed, and mine will be up on Monday August the 10th. Deborah Abela has written the third and it is the participant’s job to write the fourth. All you need to enter is to be registered in the MS Readathon to have raised $20. I really, really enjoyed writing my chapter because the genre is right up my alley – fantasy/adventure.