30. Aug, 2015

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure

Let’s have some fun. This week I have decided to start a Jazzy’s Choose-Your-Own-Adventure series. Each week I will write part of a story and leave three options. Vote here in the comments to choose where the story goes next. Here it is…

When Things Got Weird – Part 1

“Help!” I cried as the 5-legged beast chased after me. Its claws clicked as green slime dripped off them. Its bulging red eyes stared straight into mine as I kicked, yelled and screamed. Its monstrous body was covered with a large shell and rows and rows of gigantic spikes. This is the end, I thought as it bent down, raised its claws and…

I woke up, sweating. That was one bad nightmare! I glanced at the watch on my bedside table. 8:30 already? I would be late for school, so I sprinted out of my room, stumbled down the stairs and made myself some breakfast.

After I had wolfed down some Weetbix, I bolted outside to feed my hens, Melissa and Margaret. I felt as if someone was watching me but had no time to worry and rushed back inside. I swung my schoolbag over my back, headed to the garage and jumped in the car. My big sister was already strapped in. She smirked and smiled at me, but didn’t say anything.

The car screeched as it parked at Blottom Blutt Public School. A few kids pointed and stared at me. I wondered what was wrong. Maybe they were just doing it to amuse themselves. I said, “Goodbye!” to my sister and she laughed and slammed the car door. She’s acting strangely today, I thought.

The first person who walked up to me at school was my best friend, Anastasia. Instead of her normal cheery hello, she laughed in the same unusual way as my sister had and walked away. As she was going, she yelled, “Look down at yourself!”

I did. And I gasped in shock.


It's time to choose what happens next. Here are the options:

A. I was covered in green slime.

B. I brought Margaret the chicken to school.

C. I am wearing my pyjamas.

Please leave your choice of A, B or C in my Blog comments and the most popular outcome will be written next week. Get your votes in by 6pm Friday September 4. Happy voting!