8. Sep, 2015

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 2

When Things Got Weird - Part 2

I screamed. The playground fell silent and the whole school, including my teacher, Mr Quarterbrain was staring at me. I felt my cheeks flush rose pink. Everybody burst into laughter. No wonder, I was covered from head-to-toe with oozing green slime!

“BE QUIET!” Mr Quarterbrain roared. “Miss McKenzie, why in the world are you covered in green gunk?”

 “Um... I was feeding the chooks and they sneezed on me?” I answered hopefully. Everybody started laughing again.

“Quiet! Come Miss McKenzie and I’ll hose you off,” Mr Quarterbrain barked. His small piggish eyes glinted as he picked up a hose.

The hose was the worst thing I had ever experienced. The water rained down like a spray of bullets. I wanted to scream more, but the school was watching me so I kept my mouth shut. The green slime slowly came off, but the hose didn’t stop. For what felt like an hour or two I stood there helplessly as the water plummeted on my head hard. My hair stuck to my scalp as my brain shouted, “Run.” Every single child was watching me. This was extreme torture.

Mr Quarterbrain turned off the hose and said, “Stay back at lunchtime in my room and I’ll tell you what your detention is.”

Are you crazy? I thought. Hadn’t I already had enough punishment?


I sat on an uncomfortable, plastic yellow chair as Mr Quarterbrain announced my detention. First he rambled about how disrespectful I was to the community and how I disrupted the calmness of the playground because I was covered in “chicken snot”. A snort of laughter escaped from my mouth and I covered it up quickly.

He glared at me. “You are to do rubbish duty. Now!”

I trudged outside next to Mr Quarterbrain over to the rubbish-infested playground. “You will have to pick up EVERYTHING!” He sneered.

I walked over to a huge pile of rubbish and started tossing some in the bin. Frozen Orchy’s wrappers, empty chip packets and squashed milk cartons. I looked down to see an object on the ground and felt a stab of horror...

What did I see? Choose A, B or C and vote in my Comments before 10am Saturday September 12.

a. A headless snake

b. My homework ripped to pieces

c. A cheese sandwich squirming with maggots