17. Sep, 2015

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 3

When Things Got Weird - Part 3

“Ew!” I shrieked. Mr Quarterbrain looked up.

“Well then, pick it up!” He sneered.

I stared at him. Why in the world would I want to pick up a maggot-infested old sandwich? I bent down to reach for it and...

“Mr Quarterbrain, you’re needed in the office,” A very familiar voice called. Anastasia! She winked at me.

“Great.” Mr Quarterbrain stomped off.

“Phew, looked like you needed help.” Anastasia laughed. For a moment no-one spoke. “Sorry about this morning.” She confessed. “It’s just that I’ve never seen anyone covered head-to-toe with green goop.”

“That’s all right,” I accepted. We hugged, and I sighed, happy to have a friend again. I wondered what would happen next.


Sitting in maths class, I tried to avoid the stares directed at me.






“83 – I mean, 84”



The mundane drone of voices faded. I thought back to this morning and how ordinary things had seemed. Now I was totally embarrassed and wished I had never got out of bed this morning.


“166,” I mumbled as I stood up and down like a jack-in-a-box.

“It’s 168! Haven’t you been paying attention, Miss McKenzie?” Mr Quarterbrain thundered.

I stood up to start again: “14.”

Everyone else repeated their number. I was bored. I walked over to my bag to sneak in a snack, turned around and freaked out when I looked across the classroom...

What was this strange thing I saw? Make your choice here by Friday 25th September to see what happens next:

A. The monster from my nightmare is sitting in my seat

B. The boy sitting next to me is copying my work

C. Mr Quarterbrain is clucking like a chicken