29. Sep, 2015

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 4

When Things Got Weird - Part 4

“Aaah!” I shrieked. There was a monster sitting in my chair. I blinked rapidly and when I stopped it wasn’t there. I quietly scolded myself for being so silly.

“Why did you disrupt the class?” Mr Quarterbrain asked, his voice oozing with anger.

“I-I...” There was no point in telling him. If I did, everyone would sneer. “Nothing, Mr Quarterbrain,” I muttered.

I crept back to my desk, embarrassed. When I flicked over the page of my maths book, my eye was drawn to something seeping under the classroom door. GREEN SLIME. I stopped myself from screaming and asked the teacher if I could go to the toilet. He eyed me suspiciously and declared, “Take someone” in his deep voice. I fetched Anastasia and sprinted out the doorway, dragging her along behind me.

“What’s going on?” Anastasia asked quietly when we stopped to catch our breath.

I told her about my nightmare, how I felt watched at the chook shed and how I really needed her help.

“O-oh.” She said, disbelievingly. “You go, I’ll follow.”


We tiptoed along the deserted hallway. Anastasia pointed, “There’s the goop that was on you this morning!”

“Don’t touch, it stinks!” I said, pinching my nose. She stared at me.

“I thought, I thought... I thought you were joking about the monster thing!” My best friend stammered. “Is it actually true?”

“Yes it is,” I whispered. “I don’t like how it’s so quiet here, I think we’ve been seen.”

After a while the trail stopped. We halted. “I’m sca-” A loud roar drowned her voice. Our eyes met and we ran as fast as we could back to our classroom.

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A. It is the monster’s roar

B. It is Mr Quarterbrain

C. It is my chicken!