10. Oct, 2015

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 5

When Things Got Weird - Part 5

“Help!” Anastasia and I yelled in unison. I flung open the classroom door, slammed it closed and we sprinted in. Everyone looked up from their work.

“What NOW?” Mr Quarterbrain scowled.

“Chicken-headed-monster-chasing-us,” Anastasia panted.

Mr Quarterbrain laughed. “Not you, too. What are you playing at, Anastasia?”

“Nothing,” she replied, looking down at her shoes. There was no way he would believe her.

“I’ve had enough! You both deserve DETENTION!”

I lost my temper. “We don’t! We are small innocent children and never did anything wrong. You are a mean teacher who treats us like annoying insects. YOU are the one who deserves to have detention!”

I stormed out of the room, making way for the playground and when I got there I started pacing. Anastasia followed, quietly. “Don’t be angry, Kenz. Everything will turn out all right, I promise.”

“No, it won’t!” I screamed, tears spilling down my face. “Mr Quarterbrain wants to give us his cursed detention and there’s a real life monster and-”

“No,” Anastasia said calmly. “I’m your friend. We can work it out together.”

I sniffled. I pictured our friendship, myself at her house, playing and diving in her crystal-clear pool, gossiping. I imagined us at my house for a sleepover, sharing ghost stories at midnight.

Anastasia smiled. “Come on, let’s go inside.” She held out her hand and I grabbed it. We skipped into the classroom grinning.


“I can’t believe we have to do this,” I moaned.

“Stop your moaning and get on with it,” Anastasia answered.

“You sound like my mother!” I laughed.

Our detention was to clean up other people’s splatters. We were given nothing, no wipes, no equipment at all so we used toilet paper instead of anything fancy.

We got down on our knees and scrubbed. It was like cleaning the deck on a ship – it took forever. When it was time to rinse I turned on the tap and green slime spurted out.

“What the-” I whispered in awe as the stuff streamed out of the basin and onto the floor.

“Turn out the tap!” Anastasia shrieked.

It wouldn’t turn off and soon we were knee-high in the gunk. I shouted for Anastasia but heard a muffled reply. Anastasia was stuck! I waded through the goo over to her and saw that she was quickly falling through. “No!” I cried as I realised I was falling, too…

Where do I fall to?

  1. A.   I fall into a secret room
  2. B.   I fall into Mr Quarterbrain’s office
  3. C.   I fall in a ghostly version of my house

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