9. Nov, 2015

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 6

When Things Got Weird - Part 6

Portraits and paintings zoomed past me and I kicked frantically in the air to dodge them. This is like Alice in Wonderland, I thought. Our heads banged into each other, raising huge welts. Anastasia and I held hands, hoping for the best…

BUMP! We belly-flopped, smashing our faces onto patches of greyish-blue carpet. “Wow,” I gasped. “Where are we?” Slowly we turned around to find we were in an eerily familiar place.

Anastasia said, scared, “It looks just like your-”

“Only it’s not.” I murmured. I knew what my friend was thinking: We were inside a ghostly version of my house.

A stale smell was drifting from the kitchen and cobwebs hung in the corners. Hairy spiders scuttled across the floor and crawled over our feet, making us feel anxious. The walls were peeling and the roof had half fallen down.

“I don’t like this,” Anastasia wheezed, drained of her energy. I was, too. We managed to stand up and limped across the room towards the kitchen. Knives spattered with blood dangled from the roof and I whispered to Anastasia, “This is so spooky.” We passed a picture of my sister hugging me when I was a baby. I had a sudden pain in my belly and realised how much I missed her.

Half-finished Weetbix lay in bowls on the kitchen table and a note lay on my seat. I cautiously crept up to it and saw a message written in angry strokes of red:


“I don’t understand. Why me?” I cried. There was a moment’s silence.

“LOOK BEHIND YOU!” She shrieked, breaking the silence and I whirled around and screamed…

What in the world is behind me?

A. My sister covered in green slime

B. My homework ripped to shreds

C. My favourite superhero

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