12. Dec, 2015

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 8

When Things Got Weird - Part 8

I slowly opened my heavy eyelids to blinding brightness and circus music. I thought I heard a voice singing and then looked down to see that I was squeezed onto a tiny platform next to Anastasia. A sudden wave of vertigo hit me as I realised that we were the same height as the tightrope right next to us. I glanced at Anastasia. She looked scared, too.

“Where are we?” She murmured. That’s exactly what I was wondering. I looked around and saw that we were in a humongous circus ring.

“A deserted circus.” I whispered.

“Who’s that?” Anastasia pointed at the source of singing. He had black make-up on that was running down its pink cheeks. He had an orange circus suit on that was dripping with horrific green slime.

“A clown.” I muttered. I was worried for I knew Anastasia had a clown phobia after a previous circus mishap.

“If we’re really quiet, we may be able to sneak out unseen.” I said. “This is our only chance.”

“Are you crazy?” Anastasia hissed. “We would have to walk across that tightrope!”

“Maybe I am.” I murmured and then repeated, “But it’s our only chance.”

I crept forward and straddled the tightrope. I began “Why don’t you have a go now? It’s perfectly sa- AAAAAHHH!” My grip on the rope slipped and I was hanging upside-down by my knees. Anastasia grasped the tightrope and swung along it like a monkey. I grabbed the rope and then copied her.

“Come on, you can do it!” Anastasia yelled encouragingly as we headed towards the ladder at the end. “Ooops.” She murmured. The clown looked up at us, a greedy smile on its face.

“Well, well, well. I see the two Sleeping Beauties have awoken.” His voice was dripping with nastiness.

“Why did you bring us here?” Anastasia demanded, which I thought was a reasonably good question.

“I brought you to act in the show, of course!” The clown replied.

“Which show?” We yelled in unison.

“THE show!”

Anastasia and I eyed one another, knowing full well that this what not going to turn out well.

 “You’ll have to catch us first” I dared.

“Good idea.” The clown said, almost to himself. He began climbing up the ladder and Anastasia gestured to drop to the net. We fell and ran for our lives.

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A. A bear’s cave

B. A spookily empty theme park

C. A vampire party with a giant jumping castle and real worm cake