4. Jan, 2016

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 9

When Things Got Weird - Part 9

Anastasia and I sprinted across the tent, the clown metres behind us. We ducked under the tiny door and quickly backed up against the wall beside it. The clown dashed right past us.

“That was close!” Anastasia puffed as soon as the clown was out of sight. “Anything could have happened to us.”

“I know. Where are we?” I asked, looking around. There were creepy hotdog stands, cobwebbed rides and empty cafes. Everything looked strangely deserted and green slime dripped off the lot.

“Isn’t this that old theme park near Mr Quarterbrain’s house?” Anastasia wondered.

“You’re right.” I muttered. “How spooky! Let’s go see where the slime’s coming from.”

We scouted around for ages, careful not to step on any goop, but couldn’t find any clues.

A crooked shadow cast over us.

“I think we’re being followed,” Anastasia said, scared.

“You are!” Said an eerie voice behind us and we slowly turned around, afraid of who we might meet next. Behind us stood a fragile old man holding a bent walking stick. “You do not know what you’re in for.”

The old man took a vile of what looked like blood from his pocket and licked his lips. He skulled the contents and grinned, revealing pointed fangs. Before our eyes he suddenly rose a full metre taller and looked much younger. I peered at him and saw that he had chalk-white skin, red eyes and a long, pointy nose. A vampire...

“RUN!” I hollered. Anastasia and I darted towards a fairy-floss stand and another vampire popped up behind it. We changed course towards the hot dog stand only to find another vampire waiting. It was only then we realised it was one in the same man – he had super speed.

We stood at the dark entrance of a spooky ride with a rusty sign above it reading, The Chill. Anastasia glanced at me and I weighed up what we would do next…

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A. We go on the ride to outrun him

B. We fight

C. We close our eyes and hope for the best