31. Jan, 2016

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 10

When Things Got Weird - Part 10

Anastasia and I sprinted towards The Chill and hopped into a carriage. We held the handles tight as we sped down a steep slope. I glanced behind us and shouted to Anastasia over the wind, “He’s following us!”

And so he was. Running lightning fast, he was catching up to us. We headed down another slope and crossed a thin bridge above boiling hot, bubbling lava. Anastasia and I looked behind us to see him fall sideways into the lava. High-fiving each other, we started actually enjoying the ride.

Anastasia and I screamed happily as The Chill went down its biggest hill yet, our hair flying. The wind whistled through our ears. We were launched down another slope and laughed.

Then we saw movement and before we knew it, the vampire was in our carriage, baring its fangs and glaring at us. We clapped our hands to our mouths.

“I think you forgot that vampires are immortal,” the vampire hissed. Somehow his voice was familiar.

“Wait a second… Mr Quarterbrain, is that you?” I asked, exasperated. His eyes glinted menacingly.

“Miss Mackenzie, that took you almost as long as your 14 times tables,” he smirked.

“It was you – it’s been you all along. You were there in my chook pen that day. Why did you hurt my sister? What are you going to do with us?”

“Your sister deserved it. The little sneak saw me during my transformation into a vampire at University and I made her pay, as you will.”

I couldn’t describe my anger towards him at that moment. “How DARE you!” I flew at him and he pushed me away, almost lazily. I was flung over the side of the cart and held on to the rail for dear life, feeling the rising steam from the lava pit below. The ride stopped.

"Why do you want to hurt me?" I asked.

"You're too nosy for your own good," Mr Quarterbrain sneered. “Bye-bye," he whispered as he dug his nails into my fingers. I couldn't hold on any longer…

“STOP!” I looked up to see Anastasia jump on Mr Quarterbrain and I climbed back inside the ride.

Suddenly The Chill started again. Anastasia hurled punches at Mr Quarterbrain while I kicked his legs. He cackled at our stupidity. With a flick of his hand we were thrown over the side and on to a ledge. We got up and looked up in awe, realising we were not alone.

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A. A swarm of black bats dripping with green slime

B. A gigantic walking hot-dog

C. Fairy-floss creatures bouncing on pogo sticks