10. Apr, 2016

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 12

When Things Got Weird - Part 12

I shrieked. Anastasia looked shocked. "WE'RE IN THE BOYS' TOILETS!" we yelled in unison.

"We'll be in so much trouble." I said, looking around. It was gross. There was a metal wall and then a row of cubicles. There was something suspiciously yellow spattered all over the floor. Yuck! The stench was unbearable.

"How did we end up here?" Anastasia asked me.

"Maybe it's the last place you'd expect a secret passage," I replied, walking towards the filthy basins. I turned a tap on and was relieved to discover running water rather than oozing green slime.

"Maybe we're meant to go outside?" Anastasia pondered, but not before the door opened and a freckly boy walked in.

"Ha-ha! You're in the boys' toilets," he teased. We flushed red and raced out.

"That was humiliating," I said as we walked along. "Maybe we should report Mr Quarterbrain to a teacher?"

"Of course not! What would we say, that our teacher's a vampire and he chased us through a haunted theme park? Who would be stupid enough to believe that?" Anastasia pleaded.

"I guess it would sound pretty strange," I answered. "But I don't think we have any choice."

Anastasia and I sprinted towards the principal's office. When we arrived, we were puffed.

"What's the matter, girls?" Mrs Sweet asked while we caught our breath. "Why have you been missing all of your classes?"

"Well, I guess you won't believe us when we say this…" Anastasia said.

"But Mr Quarterbrain's a vampire!" I blurted out. Mrs Sweet frowned.

"No, it's true!" I shouted. "He is."

"Not to forget the giant chicken-headed monsters," Anastasia interrupted

"And my sister got hypnotised and there's green slime everywhere," I added.

There was an awkward silence. "Really?" Mrs Sweet asked, her head tilted to one side.

"Yes." For a moment I thought that Mrs Sweet believed us, but it was no use. I didn't believe myself as I said it.

"All right." Mrs Sweet said unconvincingly. "I've got a P&F meeting to organise, so it's best you go back to class."

We walked outside into the deserted corridor.

"That didn't go too well," Anastasia mumbled and then her eyes bulged, "look behind you!"

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A. My sister holding a wooden stake

B. My mum and dad returned from holidays in embarrassing Hawaiian shirts

C. Melissa and Margaret, my pet hens