21. May, 2016

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 13

When Things Got Weird - Part 13

I turned around and my eyes bulged with embarrassment. "What are you doing here?" I asked.

"We just wanted to check how you're going at school, sweetie pie," my mother replied. There my parents stood, flashing humiliating Hawaiian shirts. I glanced at Anastasia; she was looking amused and petrified at the same time.

"We've heard you've been missing classes; Mrs Sweet told us," my father added.

What would we say? "Oh, we were just, um, in the - in the library!" I lied through my teeth.

My parents stared at me and I could tell that my inexperience of fibbing had given it away. Mum led the way to a deserted classroom and it was obvious that we were in for a long interrogation.

"Tell us everything you've been up to while we've been on holidays," Dad said with a smile.

Anastasia chimed in straight away. "Well, it all began when Kenz got to school with green slime all over her-"

"No, it started with my nightmare."

"Hang on, wasn't there a presence in your chicken pen, first?"

"Was the haunted version of my house real or a dream?" I wondered out loud.

"What about that scary clown who chased us through a creepy circus?"

"I can't believe we walked a tightrope."

"And Mr Quarterbrain's a vampire!" Exclaimed Anastasia.

"Hold on. Let's start at the beginning," Dad intervened.

We enthusiastically unfolded our incredible journey for what seemed like hours. When we were finished they stared at us. There was a long uncomfortable silence.

"Why, your storytelling talent is certainly coming a long way!" Mum laughed uneasily. I gazed at my parents. Why couldn't they believe their own daughter and her best friend?

"But it's true!" Anastasia and I pleaded in unison.

"Is it? This sort of thing never happens." Mum said.

"Why did you lie to us?” Dad demanded.

"We didn't." I argued. "Why would we?"

"We'll finish this at home later, Mackenzie. Goodbye Anastasia." Dad replied. But just as my parents were turning to leave I noticed someone fleeing from outside. Squinting, I tried to make them out. I suspected they had been listening in and nudged Anastasia. She peered out the window and both our mouths dropped open… 

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A. My Sister

B. The five-legged beast from my dream

C. The clown we escaped from in the deserted circus