26. Jun, 2016

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 14

When Things Got Weird - Part 14

I gasped. Anastasia looked over at me.

"Why do you think Melanie was spying on us?" She asked curiously.

"I don't know." I frowned. "Something's wrong, I can tell. Do you think we should follow her?"

"Yes," Anastasia said as she led the way out the door.

We sprinted across the playground and saw Melanie vault over a fence and disappear. I blinked, annoyed at this newfound skill of hers. As we caught up, I gave Anastasia a boost. I caught hold of the top of the jagged wire, scrambled over and looked down at myself. I was covered in cuts, bruises and dirt.

"Do we have to keep going?" Anastasia moaned as I dusted myself off and caught up with her.

"Of course." I snapped. "Look, we're almost there!"

We watched on as my sister crawled through a small opening in the bushes in a stranger's backyard. I overtook Anastasia and she squeezed in behind me.

A tiny, mouldy-looking cottage stood in front of a row of dead trees. Melanie opened up the splintered, wooden door and slithered inside.

After a minute or two I slowly tiptoed forward and gestured at Anastasia to follow. I opened up the door and we stepped inside. A floorboard creaked and Anastasia cursed. I glared at her as we walked towards another entrance. I could hear voices inside so we pressed our ears to it.

"I'm so sorry, Master," cried a voice I recognised as my sister's. "Please forgive me! I gave you the information you asked for, but there wasn't an opportunity to capture them; the group was too big."

"Why should I?" Replied a high, hissing and unpleasant voice which for some reason was familiar. "I trusted you. You didn't bring the girl and her friend. You will pay. You may leave now."

We heard footsteps and Anastasia and I dove to the side in the nick of time. Melanie stalked past us and we watched on, shaking. That was close, I thought.

"Anastasia, did you find that voice familiar?" I asked.

"No," she said. "Why?"

"Never mind." I mumbled, but I looked back through the door and almost screamed.

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A. Dad

B. Mrs Sweet, the school principal

C. The clown we met in the deserted circus