27. Oct, 2016

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 16

When Things Got Weird Part 16

"Extra homework?" Anastasia and I moaned in unison. "Are you for real?"

"Yes I am," said Mrs Sweet. "You should be grateful it's not something worse."

I groaned. The Extra Homework Club was a group of dorks who wanted, well, extra homework. Which is what they got.

"In fact," Mrs Sweet continued, "I will sign you up myself to make sure you carry out your punishment for the rest of your school years. And if you miss one week, trust me, there will be consequences!" She left the room with a glint in her eye.


Anastasia and I trudged back to school feeling horrible. Of all the things that had happened to us, this had to be the worst.

"Mrs Sweet's normally really nice, do you reckon this time she was an imposter?" I asked curiously.

"Maybe." Anastasia muttered.

"Also, what will everyone think, we haven't been at school for ages!" I exclaimed.

Anastasia shrugged. "Who cares? Anyway, we're here now."

We walked through the front doors of the school and headed up to our classroom. A stunningly pretty casual teacher was taking the class.

"Ah, Anastasia, Mackenzie, you're here just in time to start learning your fifteen times tables!" The casual teacher smiled, using a French accent.

"But-but how do you know our names?" I stammered as Anastasia and I took our seats.

"Oh, you've earned quite a reputation. I'm Mademoiselle Chantelle. Come on class, you know the drill, let's start."











I stood up and said, "155." Mademoiselle Chantelle looked at me and I realised I had got it wrong. "Sorry, it's 165," I said.

Anastasia jumped up and said, "180."

"Good job everybody! I'll write your next task on the whiteboard for you to complete for homework."

"Oh great," I complained to Anastasia. "Homework on top of the Extra Homework Club."

Anastasia groaned in reply.

After Mademoiselle Chantelle turned around I saw something clamber up her back and onto her shoulder. I freaked out.


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A.   A rat

B.   A spider

C.   A mini Mrs Sweet