30. Dec, 2016

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure Chapter 17

When Things Got Weird Part 17

My mouth dropped open and Anastasia looked like she was about to scream. "A mini Mrs Sweet is on her shoulder!" She whispered to me. I nodded.

"Do you think anyone else has noticed?" I asked.

"I dunno." Anastasia said thoughtfully.

"Girls! What are you whispering about?" Mademoiselle Chantelle smiled knowingly.

"Oh, we're just… uh…" Anastasia stammered. "Uh… Tell her, Kenz!"

I glared at her. "Sorry about that, Mademoiselle Chantelle. We were just whispering about, uh, the - our outfits for the school disco!"

"The disco happened in July." Mademoiselle Chantelle frowned.

"I meant next year's one - You know how hard it is to get outfits sometimes, right?" I smiled.

Anastasia shook her head worryingly, but I waffled on. "Yeah, I'm thinking of wearing a blue glittery dress with a white belt, or maybe a white glittery dress with a blue belt, or-"

Mademoiselle Chantelle stopped me. "Something's up. TELL THE TRUTH!" She thundered. A massive awkward silence fell over the classroom.

"Mrs Sweet is on your shoulder," I whispered nervously.

"Sorry? Please speak up Mackenzie," insisted Mademoiselle Chantelle.

"MRS SWEET IS ON YOUR SHOULDER!" I screamed and everyone looked up to see that I was telling the truth. Mrs Sweet jumped onto the floor as she grew to her full size. The class watched in amazement as she stood triumphantly before them.

"You've done well," Mrs Sweet said to Mademoiselle Chantelle. "I shall reward you later."

My classmates fought to be first out of the door. Mrs Sweet yelled, "GET 'EM!" Mademoiselle Chantelle chased everyone around the room in a mega game of tag.

I walked up to my principal bravely and said, "What did these kids ever do to you?"

"Nothing!" She replied. "That's my point. They haven't ever helped me - the ungrateful little sods."

"But - but we're just students and you've never asked anything of us except to keep the playground clean," I pleaded over the other kids' screaming.

"This really isn't a very good way to start things off, Mackenzie," Mrs Sweet grinned maliciously. "Especially with your best friend missing!"

I gasped. I looked frantically around the room but couldn't see Anastasia anywhere. I hurried out, not even caring about Mrs Sweet. I bolted across the schoolyard and with difficulty clumsily climbed over the fence. I made my way for the small gap in the bushes, then froze. I could now see the old house where I had last seen my crazed sister. What if she was still there? I peeked through the shrubs and saw Anastasia on the balcony. She was gagged and being bound with ropes by a hooded figure. The adrenaline got the better of me as I shouted, "Hey! What are you doing with my friend?" I knew this was a bad idea as soon as they turned around…

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 A. Mr Quarterbrain - my teacher turned vampire

 B. The mad clown from the circus

 C. My zombified sister