28. Jan, 2017

Jazzy's Choose Your Own Adventure - The Final Chapter

When Things Got Weird Part 18

"Mr Quarterbrain?" I gasped. "Why are YOU here?"

"Shhhhh!" My teacher hissed.

"Take your hands off her RIGHT NOW!" I said bravely.

"It's not me you should be worrying about." I ignored him and we began to struggle.

"I'm on your side," he continued, "I always have been. Anastasia is the real danger!"

But why wasn't Mr Quarterbrain a vampire anymore? And why was he tying up my friend?

Suddenly, Anastasia bit Mr Quarterbrain's arm. He let out a yelp as blood streamed out and dropped the ropes. Anastasia ripped off her gag and grinned at me maliciously. I tried to hug her but she threw me on the ground, her hands firmly gripping my neck.

"Wh-what-" I spluttered. "I - thought - friend -"

"I'm no friend of yours, Mackenzie. This was all a trick! Think about it. I was with you the whole time!"


"But-but what? I can't play this game anymore. It all ends now."

Anastasia let go of me. She turned around and rummaged in her pockets, probably for a weapon. I lay there, dazed and confused. What game? Everything had been going wrong for me: The theme park, the circus, the haunted version of my own house… Why hadn't I gone on holidays with my parents? I felt groggy and passed out.


"Hey honey, what movie are you watching?"

I groaned and opened my eyes. Why was everything a dull grey?

"Oi, get up you zombie." I sat up and saw my sister. I wanted to hug her - she was back to herself! Hey, wait a second… I - I was in - AN AEROPLANE? I realised I was on my way to Hawaii. I glanced on my TV screen and saw the ending credits of the movie I was watching. "Oh, um, just a movie I found in the kids section…" I lied.

"Then why is it MA+?" My mum asked sternly as she checked the rating.

"Uh…" I quickly stuck my head in a book.

"Drinks anybody?" The hostess smiled as she arrived at our seats.

"Yes please - I'll have a lime slushy," I ordered, glad of the interruption.

"Sure!" The hostess rummaged in her trolley and pulled out a delicious-looking drink. I grabbed it and peered inside. The slushy was the same colour as the infamous green slime. I looked back at the hostess and she winked at me.

"Hey, what are you reading?" She asked.

I held up my book. It was titled, When Things Got Weird.