Jazzy’s In-between Reads

When my nose isn’t stuck in a novel, you’ll often find it in my “in-between” reads. These are books which I can pick up and flick through in a short amount of time (like when I’m supposed to be getting ready for school) and I’ll still get the reward of learning something new. Most of these have been gifts and can be found on my special shelf. I promise you they are not boring. If anything, they are a HUGE distraction!

I have a unique collection of books by Donna Jo Napoli that are called, Treasury of Greek Mythology, Treasury of Egyptian Mythology and Treasury of Norse Mythology. These stories are not only thousands of years old, but very entertaining. Some of the tales are better than any fantasy/adventure/horror. The illustrations by Christina Balit can sometimes be gory and yet they are beautiful.

I also have two special Harry Potter books by Jody Revenson that have content about the movies. The Character Vault contains interesting facts about the cast. For example, I learned that the actor who plays Nymphadora Tonks had a terrible audition but then was asked to be seen again and landed the part. I also have discovered how the production team made the costumes to bring out the personality of the characters and how they applied the makeup. It has a booklet about Death Eater masks and posters of The Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters. In Magical Places from the Films, it goes into details of the locations and sets and includes a booklet about the paintings of Hogwarts and a map lift-out of Diagon Alley. I am saving up for the remaining book in the same series called, The Creature Vault, which I expect will be very gruesome.

The world’s largest chocolate sculpture was made in France in 2010, was 10 metres tall and weighed 4,000 kilograms! The oldest bowl of noodles was found in China in 2005 and is around 4,000 years old… Yuk! How do I know this? Guinness World Records 2016, of course. This book contains many fascinating facts, although I admit that the 2015 version is better.

At a second-hand book fair I stumbled upon A Guide to Wizards of the World as told by Master Merlin and snapped it up for four dollars. It covers wizardry from all four corners of the globe and includes shamanism. There is a card game at the back as well as mythical spells and creatures along the way.

What on Earth? by Quentin Wheeler and Sara Pennak is a book about strange animals and plants. REALLY strange animals and plants. Did you know that there is a fungus that turns ants into zombies? Or a chameleon so tiny it can fit on your fingertip? The photography in this book is astonishingly brilliant.

Not all books need to be read from start to finish to be enjoyed. With some you can just turn to a random page and be content you have learned something new.



22.06.2018 01:30

Jasmiiiiiiiiiine T

hello hello Jasmine its the other Jasmine :)

03.07.2018 00:14


Hola Jasmine. What are you reading these holidays?

12.06.2018 06:50


dear jazzy
thank you for the question
my favourite book has got to be harry potter
i love all the adventure
from Asha

03.07.2018 11:53

Jasmiiiiiiiiiine T

I’m reading Jodi Piccoult. She’s an AMAZING author and I would DEFINITELY suggest you read some of her books cause they are SERIOUSLY AMAZING

07.06.2018 09:26

asha burr

hi , im asha and i have loved reading since i could read
i totally recommend this website to people who love different varietys of books
good job on the website jazzy

08.06.2018 07:54


Hi Asha. Thanks commenting on and recommending my website. What is your favourite book?

17.01.2016 13:45


I love a good in-between read too! Mostly my in-between reads are cookbooks and gardening books...which sometimes I like to read bits and pieces of at various times!

17.01.2016 22:01


Hi Megan. Reading is always worthwhile, isn't it? Thanks for going on my website