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Copyright © Jazzy's Bookshelf 2015 and Edwin Rhemrev

Copyright © Jazzy's Bookshelf 2015 and Edwin Rhemrev

All my life, I’ve been totally hooked on books. This healthy addiction began all the way back in preschool, when I absolutely hated naptime. My only escape from the horrors of sleeping during daytime was scavenging from the gigantic bookshelf sitting beside the beanbags… so I took upon myself the challenge of learning how to read.

Fast forward to kindergarten, where my teacher had me regularly read to the class. I devoured books morning and night and was always reading to my little brother, Taj.

Books truly are my world, and I don’t know what life would be like without them. I wouldn’t have as much to do in my spare time, and I would have none of J.K. Rowling, Neal Shusterman and Sarah Epstein’s wondrous novels (to name a few).

However, flicking through books isn’t my only hobby. I also enjoy playing the piano, running around on the netball court, writing, drawing and watching The Vampire Diaries. I also have experience in public speaking and speechwriting.

Some of these skills assist me in my role as the Youth Ambassador. I have participated in the event since kindy and I’ve always loved reading for a reason. Over the years I have toured schools inviting kids to join me in the MS Readathon, met some amazing authors and importantly, got to know people who are living with the condition. 

Join me on my book adventure!


Ambassador to the MS Readathon
Youth Book Reviewer for Children's Books Daily

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28.11 | 03:10

Hey jazzy, whats your favorite book?

28.11 | 03:05

scapegrace is my favorite

11.09 | 10:52

Hi, if you liked John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, I would recommend his podcast, The Anthropocene Reviewed.

08.07 | 07:29

Hi Annie. This is tough as I don't know your age, but at the time I reviewed Akarnae I also loved books by Rick Riordan, Brandon Mull, The Hunger Games series and the original Greek myths

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