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The MS Readathon is something I look forward to as much every year as I do reading every day. It feels satisfying putting my passion for books towards something useful. 

During the MS Readathon, I like to think about other children like me who are busy enjoying stories and doing something remarkable towards a common cause. Isn’t it great that everyone can participate, no matter what their reading level is or how much money they raise?

The MS Readathon has not only sharpened my reading skills but also increased my awareness of the condition. This is a disease that happens in the central nervous system. Sclerosis means ‘scar’ or ‘hardened tissue’ and multiple is used because the damage usually happens in many places along the nerves. We do not know the cause and there is no cure.

In 2015 I was honoured to become an MS Readathon Ambassador for the first time. It gave me the chance to visit schools and encourage kids to do the MS Readathon. I created this website so I could share my love of books with other 'tweens. I held a bookstall and worked hard to help raise money for MS. Over the years I have been honoured to speak to the the press, radio and television news about this special annual event and the importance of reading. View my photo gallery HERE.

For the past couple of years I have hosted the MS Readathon's Epic Adventures Book Club alongside some of Australia's favourite authors. You can find my videos reading Matilda and The BFG on the MS Readathon Facebook page. 

We have often launched the Australian MS Readathon at my school. Funds raised have gone towards special camps for families with MS. I was so excited when I visited the first one to be held in NSW and saw where our hard-earned funds went. Check out my video below.

Join me in the 2021 MS Readathon

MS Readathon Camp for Families

Join me in the 2017 MS Readthon

Register for the 2017 MS Readathon at

My 2016 interview with Melinda James about the MS Readathon

This is my awesome interview about the MS Readathon with 97.3 ABC Illawarra Breakfast Presenter Melinda James.

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17.07.2017 09:11

Great job, Jazzy!

Starry Storyteller

15.06.2016 03:15

Hi! I'm BFFs with Twinkle TaleTeller and I am a part of Authors Heaven too! l absolutely love your website... I think the reviews are EPIC and I think the MS readathon is so cool now!

Starry Storyteller

15.06.2016 02:23

Hi Jazzy! OMG this website is sooooooo awesome! I love how you make book reviews... I am BFFs with Twinkle Taleteller and I am a part of Authors Heaven with her.

Twinkle TaleTeller

12.06.2016 03:01

My website is and I love mysterious books like, masterminds by gordan korman


13.06.2016 08:19

Hi Twinkle TaleTeller
I checked out your website and loved the Memory Game!

Twinkle TaleTeller

12.05.2016 01:58

THIS IS THE BEST SITE ON EARTH I have a story website too but not NEARLY as good!


12.05.2016 23:29

Thank you so much Twinkle TaleTeller! What's your website called? What books do you like to read?


09.03.2016 06:32

hi jazz


Hi Halle. Thanks for dropping by

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hi jaz


Hi Tiff
Thanks for returning to my website

07.03.2016 09:20


Hi Jasmine its me Leia remember


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09.07.2015 00:51

Hi Leia. Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you join the MS Readathon with me


30.06.2015 10:13

I just registered for the MS readathon.


AWESOME! I am so excited we will do it together

30.06.2015 10:20


This is the best blog EVER!!!!


29.06.2015 12:56

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I'm glad you like it, Emma!

23.06.2015 00:18

I'm going to start


23.06.2015 10:29

Awesome, Liz!

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Hi Annie. This is tough as I don't know your age, but at the time I reviewed Akarnae I also loved books by Rick Riordan, Brandon Mull, The Hunger Games series and the original Greek myths

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